1. If someone is seriously injured or is missing, call the ambulance or mountain rescue via 999.  Make sure you have the grid reference available.
  2. Members are advised to write their next of kin details and any relevant medical information on the back of their membership card and to carry the   card on any Club walks.  If they have a mobile phone it is helpful to put an ICE (in case of emergency) number to call in the phone book.
  3. In the absence of the above contact details, emergency services may need to contact next of kin.  If so, these Club officials may have a list of members’ addresses and phone numbers: Fred Coyne 0151-547 4182; and Jeff Milne 0151- 548 4771.
  4. If anyone suffers an injury or illness on a Club activity to the extent that they need medical attention, contact  Jeff Milne or Ken Price as soon as possible.  They will arrange for an incident report to completed.