Liability insurance:

The Club’s insurance policy covers the legal liability of the Club or its members to third parties or to other members arising out of authorised club activities.   

The insurance normally covers only the liability of the Club or its members.  So it is important that the role of walk leader must be a  current member of the Club at the time of the walk. 

Authorised activities are those normally associated with rambling and include social activities and reconnaissance trips for future walks.  The term ‘rambling’ would not cover activities such as rock climbing with ropes, skiing or cycling, for example.  Modest scrambling, especially on well-known fell walking routes would be included. 

If members take part in an activity that has not been approved by the Club, they are unlikely to be covered by the Club’s insurance.

Persons who choose to deviate from an authorised walk may run the risk of the club’s insurance being inapplicable.