Different grades of walks



Coach leaves Central Square at 8:15am. Book with Marg Schumacher (0151-526 5280) on or after Tuesday 2nd November. Back in Maghull about 8:30pm 

A -*Whitendale Fell & Croasdale Fell 12.8m H18: Ron Rawlinson 

B -* Dunsop Br & Newton-in-Bowland 10.5m M11: J & J Cumiskey 

C - *Slaidburn & Far Brown Hill. 8.9m M10: D & E Kay   

D – Newton-in-Bowland 6.9m E5: Jeff Milne 




Coach leaves Central Square 8.15am. Book with F & J Castro 07787 917535 on or after Tuesday 2nd November. Back in Maghull 8:15pm 

A - Cookrise Crag Top & Cracoe Fell 11.5m H17: Sue Kennedy 

B - Cookrise Crag Top & Rylstone 10.4m H10: Beth Ashby

C - Threshfield Moor 9.1m M10: Susie Quinn 

D - Burnstall & Wharfedale 7.5m E/M7: F & J Castro 




Coach leaves Central Square 8.15am .Book with J and J Cumiskey on 07897 298198 or after the 5th October Back in Maghull 8.00pm 

A- * Kinder Downfall & Mt Famine  12.2m H19: J & J Cumiskey  

B- * Kinder Downfall 10m H14: Ken Price 

C- * Furness Vale & Sett Valley Trail 9.5m M7: D & E Kay 

D- *Thornsett & Rowarth 7.2 E6: TBA




Coach leaves Central Square 8:15 am .Book with Fred and Val Coyne on 0151 547 4182 on or after Tuesday 3rd August. Back in Maghull 7.45 pm 

A - *Whernside: Rob Culkin 15.2m S25.  

B - Clapham, Ingleborough & Ingleton: Ken Price 8.7m H19 

C - *Yordas Cave and Kingdale: TBA 9.4m H11 

D - *Thornton Force Waterfall: F and J Castro 6.4m E6 




Coach leaves Central Square 8.15am, Book with Beth Ashby on 07838 632222 on or after Tuesday 6th July. Back in Maghull 8:45pm 

A-* Blencathra:  Rob Culkin  13.3m S 28 

B-* Lonscale Fell: Lynda Windsor 10.3m H13  

C-* Tewet Tarn and Bridge House: Jeff Milne 9.5m M4 

D-* St John’s in the Vale: Alan McDonald 7.2 E6